“The Pub”, a great way to enjoy Pilsner Urquell beer in Prague

Prague is indeed a very touristic city and when you’re looking for a nice pub or bar to go to, you may want to avoid the typical “touristy pub”…

A nice place to enjoy the best beer in Prague

Even though “The Pub” might make you think that you ended up in some tourist bar, you may soon realise that this spot is where locals meet! There are several reasons why:
– this is a great place to enjoy the best Czech beer (as any Czech person would tell you): Pilsner!
– you often have your own tap on your table… such a fun and convenient way to get a couple of drinks with friends, without having to bother standing up and waiting at the bar!
– the price is more than reasonable for Pilsner beer (even in the centre) as you’ll often be paying approx. 40 czk for a pint, which is roughly €1.6

One advice: if you’re looking at going there with a lot of friends, show up early… the place gets crowded rather quickly and is very popular!

There are several “The Pub” places in town – to find out more, have a look at their website, http://www.thepub.cz/welcome/

And as they say in the Czech Republic… na zdraví! (cheers!)

NB: Alchol abuse is detrimental to your health