Prague taxi companies, some tips!

You may wonder why we dedicate a post to taxis in Prague… well it’s just for you to avoid the occasional rip off that you may experience if you’re a tourist.

How to avoid the occasional bad experience

Well, it’s true, things have improved a lot, and you can already see the change at Prague airport. Now, when you get out of the airport, you can easily get the company “AAA taxi” or “111 taxi” which are efficient and reliable. All of their taxis use taxi meters, so at least you know you’re paying what you should. You can also use the “Airport taxi” services that will charge you a fixed fee, all fees being given before you get in the taxi. It will generally cost you between 500czk and 600czk, which is around 20-25 EUR.

Still in the centre, it can happen that you catch a taxi from a random company and sometimes drivers, when they see you’re a tourist, will charge you twice or three times more.  So just make sure every time you get in a taxi, to check whether the taxi meter is on! If the driver argues that it is out of order, it is simply that they intend to charge you the “tourist price”.

Reliable taxi companies in Prague

In any case, if you use companies such as “AAA taxi”, “111 Taxi”, “Nejlevnější taxi”, “Profi Taxi” or “Kuryr”, you can sit back and relax – you’ll be all fine! And don’t worry, most of the taxi companies are reliable, but always better to be cautious!

Two last tips:
– if you’re really on a shoestring budget, pick  “Nejlevnější taxi” which is the cheapest option in Prague. Their cars are pretty good and the service is of good quality.
– if you feel more comfortable having English speaking drivers, you’d rather go for “AAA taxi”, even though it is slightly more expensive.

Getting around Prague

As in any city, the best way to enjoy the city centre is simply walking around. In fact the city centre is not that big and you can enjoy long walks from Prague castle to the old town square, passing by Mala Strana and Charles Bridge. It is a very enjoyable walk and you won’t get lost… you just have to follow the flow of people!

Still if you’re short on time, or don’t feel like walking too much, Prague public transports are very good and quite cheap, and taxis are not expensive either. Should you get a taxi for a short inner city ride, you’ll probably end up paying something around 5 euros.

To get more details on public transports and taxis in Prague, have a look at the posts in the dedicated sections.