Kogo restaurant, an excellent Italian restaurant

It’s true, it’s not difficult to find an Italian restaurant in Prague. The great majority of them have both great pizzas and pasta, are cheap. Still Kogo definitely stands out, with the quality and variety of products they offer, but also with the quality of service they provide.

Two Kogo restaurants in Prague

There are two Kogo restaurants in Prague, one in Slovansky Dum (small retail centre on Na Prikope), and one on Havelska street, very close to Wenceslas square.

The first one is the largest one and tends to be a very busy place at lunch time, with many people working in the area, coming to enjoy the great quality served here daily. Not only Kogo serves excellent pizza and pasta, but they also have a great variety of risottos, meat dishes, and fish. The chef always cooks your meal the right way, and the food is served by very friendly staff. In summer time, the terrace is a great place to enjoy Prague’s nice warm weather at the same time as you enjoy your great Italian food.

The second Kogo (the first one that opened) is a smaller one and maybe more appropriate for dinner, with a nice intimate atmosphere… probably great for a romantic dinner! The waiters are always here to make sure everything goes all right, and are also here to help you when choosing your drink from the extensive and varied wine list they have. Whether you feel like having an Argentinean, French, Italian or even Montenegrin wine, you’ll have something on the list to please you.

I’ve been many times to Kogo and have to admit I’ve never had a bad experience. Whether you go there for lunch or dinner, it’s always a great experience!

Should you want to visit their website or learn more about Kogo other restaurants in Czech Republic, visit Kogo restaurants’ website.