No Stress restaurant & cafe, Prague 1, old town

Feeling like trying great French-Asian fusion food? Or simply having a lazy afternoon and just relaxing? No Stress restaurant & café is a great place for this!
And for those who are lucky enough to stay in the centre, No Stress is very close to the old town square.

A cozy place to enjoy your coffee

As their name suggests it, it’s a place where you can just sit back, relax and enjoy. The whole place itself is very well decorated and has a very warm and cosy atmosphere. That’s why the first thing you may think is that it’s a great place to stay for a long afternoon tea or coffee. Well, it is indeed!

A French-Asian fusion restaurant

On top of that No Stress also has a restaurant in which you can try some of their delicious French and Asian food.  Whether you feel like eating a good French beef tartare or a typical Asian dish, you’ll be surprised by the quality of the food! Products are always very fresh, and their Chef definitely knows how to prepare all dishes, despite their great variety in style and origin.

At last but not least, No Stress offers a great gallery of modern and contemporary photography. Just have a look at it when you’re finished with your coffee. It’s worth having a look!

To have a look at No Stress website.