Karlovy Lazne, Prague 1, old town

Karlovy Lazne is a well known night club in Prague, namely by tourists, as this is one of the biggest music club in Central Europe. It has 5 floors and each floor has a dedicated music style.

Karlovy Lazne, the largest club in Central Europe

You may have heard about it and feel like checking it out, but it’s definitely nothing special. In fact, the interior rather looks like a big hall that has been rented for a large student party (which is why you’ll understand that at the end of the night it’s dirty everywhere), and the place is full of young teenagers, a great part of them being tourists.

It’s not really a place that we would recommend, unless you’re a big group of teenagers willing to try something a little different.  Just a quick tip: some bartenders tend to keep (too often) your change, assuming all loose change is a tip… Finally be aware that you’ll have to pay to get in, and it’ll cost you more than 100 CZK if you get in after 10pm.

If you’re still curious and want to check their website: Karlovy Lazne