“Low cost” does not necessarily mean cheaper plane tickets…

Using low cost carriers to go to Prague can indeed be cheaper but doesn’t systematically mean cheaper. Just recently, Czech Airlines and Air France terminated their codeshare agreement*. Together, they would operate 6 flights per day – now they have 8 all together… and that had an impact on prices.

These days, if you look for the cheapest flights, you might find a return ticket as low as 99€ on Air France or Czech Airlines ! At that kind of prices, 90% of the price of your ticket represent airport taxes and fuel charges… i.e., you cant get much lower.
Flying with low cost companies might only save a couple of euros, if not more expensive.

…The question is, with prices not being that much cheaper with low costs, what do you prefer : classic airlines (where you generally get good service, newspapers and a drink) or low cost ? 🙂


* Note: A few months after the article was written, Air France and Czech Airlines decided to resume their code share cooperation.