Chapeau Rouge, Prague 1, old town

Chapeau Rouge is one of these bars that stands out in Prague’s old town nice scene. First, each day they offer different kind of music and ambience in their 3 different levels. But it’s also a great crowd of locals, expats and tourists. This great mix creates a nice and lively atmosphere.

Chapeau Rouge, lively bar 7 days a week

Chapeau Rouge is open 7 days a week and opens until late every night, and there is always a good crowd of people around, and it’s nice to go there either for an after work-drink or late nights drinks with friends.

Finally, drinks are quite cheap in Chapeau Rouge, you’ll pay 40CZK (about 1.5 EUR) for a Staropramen beer, and around 100CZK (about 4 EUR) for mixers and cocktails, depending on what you get.

If you want to know more about Chapeau Rouge, and get programs, have a look at their website.

Night life in Prague

Prague is a bustling city in the daytime but also at night! There is a great choice of bars, pubs and clubs opened until late.

Unlike many capital cities, you either don’t pay or only pay a small fee in many of the places where you go out. In fact, local pubs are where the majority of people go out, and like any other night clubs, you have music and can dance until late at night! Whether you’re a fan of cheesy music, techno, rap, or any alternative style, you’ll always have a good place to go to!

Drinks are usually quite cheap. For a beer – there are many really good ones in Czech Republic – you may end up paying around 2 EUR, and slightly more for liquor and cocktails: generally from 4 to 5 EUR.

Check our night life section to read reviews on some good places to go!

NB: Alchol abuse is detrimental to your health