Potrefena Husa restaurants, Staropramen group

While walking in Prague’s centre, you will probably notice several Potrefena Husa restaurants. If you get in, you’ll see that they only have Staropramen beer or beers from the same group (for instance Stella Artois, which is distributed by Staropramen on the Czech market). This is simply due to the fact that this chain of restaurants was launched by the beer group.

A popular chain of restaurants

This chain of restaurants is very popular amongst the young working population (20-30 years of age), and the brand Potrefena Husa has succesfully developed in secondary cities namely in Plzen, Olomouc, Ostrava or Zlin. Potrefena Husa has now more than 30 restaurants operated in the Czech Republic.

Menus may vary depending on restaurants, but you’ll always find the Czech classic dishes (svickova, Plzen gulas, or pork schnitzel), as well as some very common international dishes such as burgers, chicken wings, grilled salmon and potato purée.

A great option for a cheap lunch

Some of the restaurants are located in the very centre – if you’re planning on going there for dinner, make sure you make a booking as they get very busy even during week days. At lunch time, you will be able to get the typical lunch menu (very common in Czech Republic) where you get a soup and a choice of 4 main dishes (one being light in calories). The soup will cost you approximately one euro, while the main dish costs from 4 to 6 euros – a great deal especially if you’re on a small budget. Still, one thing you may have to do is ask one of the waiters (who are always happy to help) to translate the lunch menu for you, as these are generally only on Czech.

Here below are some of Potrefena Husa restaurants in the centre :
Praha Hybernska – Dlážděná 1003, Prague 1 (Booking: +420 224 243 631)
Praha Národní třída – Národní třída 364/39, Prague 1 (Booking: +420 273 130 555)
Praha Vinhrady – Vinohradská 104, Prague 3 (Booking: +420 267 310 360)
Praha Holešovice – Dukelských hrdinů 696/43, Prague 7 (Booking: +420 233 931 003)

For more information and the menu, you may check Potrefena Husa website (only in Czech).

Up for an old style French bistro ? Chez Marcel is where you may want to go…

Get in “Chez Marcel”, you’ll feel like you’re in a bistro in Paris, back in the old days. On the walls, you’ll find some old style adverts (Pernod Ricard, “la vache qui rit”…).

The French bistros’ classics

In Chez Marcel, you’ll find all the French classics : quiche lorraine or goat cheese salad to start, from the simple omlette to the duck confit with salardaises potatoes or the rabbit with mustard sauce for the main course. And if you still have some room for dessert, don’t miss the famous “crème brulée”! In the restaurant, they serve wines from Bordeaux, Beaujolais and even Languedoc… the offer is not that extensive but still fair for a bistro type of restaurant. If you’re on a small budget, you can still enjoy a daily menu (soup with main course) for approximately 6 EUR. Still these menus are only valid from Monday to Friday.

Chez Marcel also serves brekafast. Still it will cost you 7 to 8 EUR which may be a bit pricey if you compare that to the local standards. You’ll probably be better off going to some small independant café such as Mamacoffee, where you can enjoy great coffee, muffins and brownies.

The service is of good quality and the menu is in French, English and Czech.

Kogo restaurant, an excellent Italian restaurant

It’s true, it’s not difficult to find an Italian restaurant in Prague. The great majority of them have both great pizzas and pasta, are cheap. Still Kogo definitely stands out, with the quality and variety of products they offer, but also with the quality of service they provide.

Two Kogo restaurants in Prague

There are two Kogo restaurants in Prague, one in Slovansky Dum (small retail centre on Na Prikope), and one on Havelska street, very close to Wenceslas square.

The first one is the largest one and tends to be a very busy place at lunch time, with many people working in the area, coming to enjoy the great quality served here daily. Not only Kogo serves excellent pizza and pasta, but they also have a great variety of risottos, meat dishes, and fish. The chef always cooks your meal the right way, and the food is served by very friendly staff. In summer time, the terrace is a great place to enjoy Prague’s nice warm weather at the same time as you enjoy your great Italian food.

The second Kogo (the first one that opened) is a smaller one and maybe more appropriate for dinner, with a nice intimate atmosphere… probably great for a romantic dinner! The waiters are always here to make sure everything goes all right, and are also here to help you when choosing your drink from the extensive and varied wine list they have. Whether you feel like having an Argentinean, French, Italian or even Montenegrin wine, you’ll have something on the list to please you.

I’ve been many times to Kogo and have to admit I’ve never had a bad experience. Whether you go there for lunch or dinner, it’s always a great experience!

Should you want to visit their website or learn more about Kogo other restaurants in Czech Republic, visit Kogo restaurants’ website.