Prague half marathon 2010

Looking for something exciting and unusual to do in Prague at the end of March? Try running the half marathon! It takes place on March 27 and you can run either individually or in a team (if you don’t think you can make it the whole distance!).

Prague’s half marathon is definitely a great experience – during the day the old town square is filled with people, animation, music and supporters, and runners will have a chance to run and enjoy Prague’s great city at the same time! 🙂

At this time of the year the temperatures are still quite fresh, which gives you ideal conditions to run. One of the particularities of Prague’s half marathon is that you can either run individually or on a relay with your friends (then 3 of you run 5kms and the last one, 6kms), or even with your team, and then each of you will run the full distance.

At the end of the race, you will leave with your medal as well as a Prague’s half marathon bag and an official t-shirt, and shortly after that you receive an email with your official time.

And if you’re not much of a sportswoman or sportsman, it’s still good fun to go to cheer and enjoy the lively crowd!

To get more information, have a look at Prague’s marathon official website >>