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Extol Inn hotel, Prague 7, budget hotel

These days, it’s not that difficult to find rather cheap accommodation in Prague, but you won’t necessarily find accommodation which is good value for money.

Quality budget hotel at a reasonable price

Extol Inn is amongst these hotels that have reasonable rates for good quality rooms, which makes it a good budget hotel. The hotel is located north of the centre, in Prague 7, a 10 minute tram ride from the centre. They offer both en-suite rooms (single, double, triple) and rooms with shared bathrooms. Thus, this is definitely something that would match your needs if you’re a family travelling on a shoe string budget, or just a group of backpackers travelling together, who don’t necessarily ned the comfort of an en-suite room.

Extol Inn also offers free wifi in the hotel, as well as a fitness centre – rather unusual for a budget hotel!

All in all, it’s quite a good choice if you’re looking for a budget hotel, and you don’t mind the 10 minute ride to the centre!

To get more information on Extol Inn, have a look at their website.

Accomodation in Prague

There are hundreds and hundreds of hotels in Prague and it’s easy to get lost. Many new hotels have opened in Prague since 2005, and it’s true that the hotel offer is now very good. You can find accommodation for any budget and still be in the centre. From the youth hostel at 10-15 euro per night in the centre, to the luxury hotel that will cost you more than 500 euros a night, you do have a great choice.

Instead of giving you a huge list of hotels, telling you which ones are good or bad value for money, we prefer selecting a few hotels, residences, or hostels that we like or dislike, and give you an in-depth review.

Check out the different sub sections in the menu to read our reviews.

Prague hotels, current low prices!

Prague hotel market has taken quite a big hit over the past 18 months. With the recession and new hotels opening in the city, prices have sharply decreased. This is definitely good news for tourists, who can now afford to go to quality hotels in the centre for sometimes less than 100 euros per night. Standard accommodation has also experienced a downward trend, which means that people on a shoe string budget will also find a good deal of cheap hotels, with room nights at less than 50 euros, even in the centre!

Thus, this is a great opportunity to come and visit Prague. And don’t worry, in any season Prague is a charming and bustling city where you’ll always have some place to visit, some restaurant to go eating and somewhere to go enjoying your time!